Jack the mini horse!

Through my photography I'm constantly striving to find and use the absolute best gear on the market. For me products are all about build quality, durability, flexibility, afforadability and multiple uses. All of my gear is put under strict scrutiny, whether it be a shoot on location in southern California, skiing in the Utah wilderness or if I'm on a backcountry trip in Alaska. My gear has to be built to last. 

I'm currently a brand ambassador with Hydroflask. Check out my Instagram to see how I'm assisting in their effort to save the world from lukewarm. There isn't a single item I've purchased in the last 5 years that I'm more impressed with than my Hydroflask bottle. When people ask what gear upgrades to start with, I say don't look any further than your water bottle. I've taken a very personal interest in the enormous use of plastic straws in the United States, it has been reported that annually 5 million plastic straws are used per year in the US. I've partnered with local restaurant Yellow Belly Tap to begin using and promoting the use of paper straws. If you'd like to learn about plastic straw alternatives don't hesitate to Contact Me with questions.