Silas is a travel, food, lifestyle and editorial photographer, his work has taken him all over the western world, he calls Santa Barbara, California home. Known for being creative, energetic, driven and friendly, Silas brings artistic creativity, vision and passion to shoots both large and small. 

This is what Silas says about his photography; "At the heart of my photography has always been the act of sharing. My favorite definition of sharing is, to have in common. The sharing of my photography is my way of connecting, exploring, creating and striving to move forward as not only a photographer but also as a community member. I hope that my work provides an opportunity for you and I to have something in common."

Silas has an eclectic mix of passions, one of which is verbiage, here are some examples that highlight his mentality towards art and style of photography.

Contre-jour is a French term meaning 'against daylight', the camera is directly pointing towards the light source. 

Bokeh-pronounced 'boh-kay', this term is derived from the Japanese word for 'blur' and is used to describe the aesthetic quality of the blur in out-of-foucs areas of a picture. 

RAW-Sometimes called camera raw, raw format or raw image. A digital image storage format that contains the most information possible from a camera's sensor. RAW data is unprocessed. Some people consider it to the digital equivalent of a negative or a slide. 

Silas \s(i)-las\ a boy's name is pronounced SYE-las. It is of Latin origin. Short form of Silvanus, from a Greek name meaning "man of the forest."


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